• Sarah Lazenby

Top 5 Reasons Not To Quilt

I hear it time and time again. All of the different reasons why people don't quilt or don't want to try to quilt. I've decided it's about time that I address all of these reasons. So here we go!

1. "I'm just not a crafty person."

Let me just stop you right there, Mr./Mrs. not crafty. Neither am I! I am definitely not a Pinterest mom. I can't take a coke bottle, pipe cleaners, and food coloring and create a space ship that my kids can launch off to the moon with. Believe me, I'd launch them off if I could. I've also been known to mess up drawing a stick figure. My ability to quilt starts and ends with my ability to follow instructions in a book. Speaking of crafty, check out this awesome thing my sister made for me.

She gets me.

2. "I just don't have the patience for it."

When those closest to me describe me, "patient" is not a word they would use. My husband often describes me as a bull in a china shop. Apparently I just like to throw caution to the wind and go full steam ahead. Patience definitely isn't my strong point. Really though, you should see me tear into package. It's quite amusing! I can say that quilting has taught me some patience, though. While the process may be long and sometimes drawn out, the end result is well worth it!

3. "I just don't have the time!"

This one makes me laugh the hardest. I'm a mother to four wonderful (most of the time) kids. My husband and I have two kids, and he has two from a previous marriage. I work PRN at a hospital, I run a quilting shop, I coach softball, I am a girl scout leader, and I go to the gym at least 4 times a week. On top of the things that I do, we have girl scouts, cub scouts,chess club, pitching lessons, agility training, and dance every single week. There is dinner to be made, homework to help with, a house to be cleaned. Now, this isn't a competition of who is the busiest person out there. Sometimes I don't get to quilt during a week, but I still find the time to steal away and get some work done. What's that saying? You'll find the time if you want to find it!

Show off time!

4. "My kids/husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/monkey would never leave me alone long enough to do it."

Tell them to go away! No, but really. I'm fortunate to have a husband who understands and supports my quilting time. He gets a kick out of it to be honest. When he met me I was a bada$$ bartender that was wild and crazy. I'm still wild and crazy, but he thinks it's funny because I don't "fit the mold." And if all else fails, let them help you! All three of the girls in my house are now working on quilts. This kind of goes hand in hand with not having the time. I'm a huge advocate of being selfish and dedicating time for just you. Think of it as your own personal therapy.

Look at that cute little thing!

5. "I'm just not interested."

Ok, I really have nothing for that. To each their own. If you don't find a love or passion for quilting, I sincerely hope you find something that brings you as much joy and frustration as quilting does for me.

Leave me your thoughts or excuses below!


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